The Journey to Wealth describes how you can create real wealth using a strategy that works in today’s volatile, globalized financial world—a proven strategy that increasingly builds returns without succumbing to catastrophic market crashes.

For centuries, most investors—individual and institutional—have tended to achieve only below-average results because they repeat the same mistakes: lack of knowledge about how financial markets work; buying high and selling low; succumbing to the foibles of their human psychology; following Wall Street’s so-called “wisdom;” failing to use risk management tools; and falling victim to sudden market crashes that erase earnings.

To avoid these mistakes, James walks you through a proven investment process that leads to steady long-term gains under any market condition. His philosophy and approach are based on decades of investment experience, understanding market cycles, using strategic research to identify market opportunities and pitfalls, and employing numerous risk management tools to prevent catastrophic loss.


Stay Ahead of the Curve

The Journey to Wealth is your guide to investment success and a prosperous future.

Are your investments creating the wealth you desire, or are the ups and downs of an unpredictable market eating away at your earnings (and even your principal), while raising your stress level to the roof?


Do you understand the world of investing well enough to know how to generate steadily reliable returns that enable you to have financial independence and a comfortable retirement?


Throughout this book, I will illustrate for you the importance of creating a “wealth plan”—a well-thought out and proactive strategy to guide your own investment process. I will help you develop a better understanding of how to invest, when to invest, where to invest and in what type of securities. I will provide you with insight into my process of selecting securities, based on my more than three decades of experience. Most importantly, I will help you learn to maximize your returns while  managing your own downside risk to avoid catastrophic loss.

I strongly believe that it is better to have a prosperous society than to have a struggling one. People at all income levels need to understand investing so they can build the assets they need to provide for their families, educate their children, and ensure that they have enough income saved for retirement and financial independence.

In the spirit of making investing a topic that you will come to love, rather than one which terrifies you and makes you want to avoid talking to financial advisors of any kind, I decided to make this book fun and enjoyable to read. In each of its chapters, you will find many types of readings (short articles, longer articles, personal stories, and special features), illustrations and graphical presentations, quotes about investing, and more.

I hope you will keep it on your coffee table, at your bedside, on your desk at work, and browse through it from time to time for the famous quotes, the artwork, and the stories of investors—people like you have discovered that investing the right way is their new passion.

Here’s to your financial future.