Investing Just Got A Little Easier

Today I am pleased to announce the launch of a paperback version of my award-winning book, The Journey To Wealth, which is now available on Amazon and priced at 63% less than the hardcover edition.

The old rules of investing simply no longer work. In today’s uncertain times it’s no wonder that nearly 80% of Americans do not invest. Yet people at all income levels can transform their lives with a basic understanding of financial markets and a solid, stress-free investment strategy. 

The Journey To Wealth distills the jargon of financial markets and equips readers with the tools they need to achieve financial independence. It is my hope that this new edition will be more accessible to the millions of Americans who are not currently investing but would like to start. It is far better to have a prosperous society than a struggling one, which is why I am passionate about this opportunity to share my tried and tested strategies with a wider audience.

Success as an investor in today’s financial markets often requires going against much of Wall Street’s so-called “wisdom.” My book helps readers develop a personalized wealth plan tailored to their particular lifestyle, goals, and family circumstances. Too many investors fall prey to the same catastrophic mistakes. Such pitfalls can easily be avoided with my SMART investing philosophy, which includes:

  • Knowing about different types of investment instruments and understanding their pros and cons
  • Understanding the history of financial markets
  • Recognizing and taking advantage of market patterns and cycles
  • Learning how to maximize returns while managing risks

In short, my book demystifies the process of investing and empowers readers to make wise investment decisions. Anyone can discover that investing the right way will help you achieve financial freedom. Here’s to your financial future!

The Journey to Wealth strikes a winning combination: authoritative information written by a polished professional presented in a highly digestible, extremely attractive, high-quality package. — Barry Silverstein, Foreword Reviews

Winner of The 2017 Indie Excellence Book Award. Winner of the 2017 Beverly Hills Book Award.

Finalist in the 2017 Best Book Awards. Honorable Mention in the 2017 New York Festival of Books.


Purchase Your Copy for only $14.95 Today on Amazon.

No matter your level of experience, The Journey to Wealth teaches you to invest using a clear, easy-to-follow sequence of concepts. In a four-step process, you will learn how to identify your lifestyle goals for building immediate and long-term wealth, as well as how to invest according to your risk tolerance and needs. Straight-forward detailed explanations, charts and graphs, inspiring citations about wealth creation, and artwork will keep you reading, learning, and creating a SMART investment plan for your future.



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