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January 2016
  • Comments about “The Journey to Wealth”

    A Huge Thank You to James Demmert, who chose Marin Chartitable as the beneficiary of all book sales and donations made at the recent book signing event for his uniquely insightful guide to investment success, The Journey to Wealth, at Servino’s in Tiburon!  Through James’ generosity, as well as that of the attendees and associated donors, Marin Charitable received $6,650 — 100% of which will be granted to local nonprofits supporting Marin County’s under-served youth!

    Dear James,

    WOW!  Thank you for our copy of The Journey to Wealth.  So glad you have held our hand through the 4-step process of SMART investing! The book layout and design is very inviting—love the gold metallic graphics, black and white photos, and the use of white space. Well Done!!


    Jean and Mike


    Thank you so much for your book. Started to read it and it has some great advice and education. You should be very proud to be able to write a book, it must be a herculean task. Again congratulation on the book and thanks for sending one.



    I seriously enjoyed your well-written, well-designed and very thorough “Journey to Wealth”. Thank you for sending it

    It was a nice surprise to receive your new book, a few days ago.  It looks grand!  I am sure it contains a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for thinking of us.

    Merry Christmas!

    Nancy and Tom

    Thanks so much for a copy of your book. I hope it becomes a best seller. I will give it a read.

    Thank you,

    Larry and Susan


    Just returned home after a few days out of town and received your book.  Looking forward to the read.  Congratulations to you on the book, it certainly appears to be a first class publication!  Thanks again, hoping your team and family have a safe and happy Holiday Season!


    James – a personal note of thanks for sending us your recent book.   It’s a solid read, supported by good statistical information.  The chapters including “How to Pick Stocks” and the one on Stop Loss Orders should be clear differentiators on your approach to managing customer portfolios and protecting assets.   (BTW – I missed the part on the importance of Standard Deviations relative to ultimate RORs.;D)

    In one of our Review meetings, you and I discussed the perception that your practices may lag trends on market rebounds.  Now may be a good example – (spoken like a true Monday Morning Quarterback – eh?).   In our own “portfolios – we still are also – a bit overweight in cash – but may need some of that for other investment opportunities. Further, as I get closer to retirement, “preservation” leanings are more appropriate.

    Sorry we missed the book signing – and thank you again for including Julie and I on distribution of your book.  It’s a nice early Christmas present.

    Our best to you, staff and family.

    Lynne and I finally were able to complete your Wealth Planning documents!  After reading James’ new book, I was inspired to do the work. I will drop the documents by your office early this week. We look forward to your analysis.  Please let me know if you have questions once you receive the packet.  There are a few quirks that needed explanation so I decided to do the printed version, rather than online.

    Robin and Lynne

    Miriam read James’s book cover to cover this weekend! She called to congratulate and applaud James. She thought the book was very clear, concise and easy to read. She also mentioned that she was very happy to be a client of James!!!